The New Millennium Paper Airplane Book

Recommended by: NPR (Studio 360), Cool Hunting and NY Mag's Approval Matrix.

During her research on The New Millennium Paper Airplane Contest, Klara Hobza noticed a universally human affection for the folding and flying of paper airplanes. The artist tries to investigate and represent this phenomena through 20 examples in The New Millennium Paper Airplane Book.

The artist encouraged participants of the contest, to describe their relationship with paper airplanes. She then combined each story with its corresponding paper airplane model's pattern on a sheet of paper, designed to be ripped out, folded and flown into the world.

Finally, the book's cover can then be folded into a hangar to house your favorite paper airplane. Also included is a complete catalog of step-by-step hand drawn folding instructions. The artist traced the very folding lines of each individual plane, including its imperfections.

For her book, Klara Hobza chose models and stories, which to her reflected some deeper human conditions that might explain the universal enthusiasm for paper airplanes. She starts out with stories by obsessive inventors who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the perfection and control of flight. The middle section portraits paper airplanes that are used for political defiance. Hobza concludes the book with models and stories that expand our physical understanding of space, and thus conquer our own human scale. The very last plane was sent by a kid in Miami. He says: A thin airplane that can go through the future of my life.

Layout and design of "The New Millennium Paper Airplane Book": Annie Shaw