Departing America

Read more about the great departure!

Read more about the great arrival!

Klara Hobza's return to Europe coincided with her first solo show, which took place at Galerie für Landschaftskunst in Hamburg, Germany.

In this exhibit, the artist presented a selection of her works made in New York. Hobza decided to unite her works of diverse media (drawing, video, photography and objects) on custom-built, table-like structures. They were made out of a lot of wood, and her plan was to make this material tell a story of its own, and thus illustrate her performative work process.

The gallery is located on the third floor of a building right on a canal in Hamburg's city center. Klara Hobza's studio, too, was located at a body of water, namely the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This inspired her to build a raft, strap all her works onto it and bring it to the international ship yard in New Jersey. After a long and wild journey through the East River, and around Bayonne, New Jersey, the artist finally reached Port Newark. There, her packages along with the raft were thrown onto the „Dublin Express“, which shipped them to Hamburg, Germany.

In Hamburg, Klara put her cargo back onto the raft, and shipped it over the river Elbe, then through the canals to the foot of the gallery. With the help of the gallery's team, the packages were pulled though the windows into the gallery. Finally, the artist unscrewed the raft from underneath her feet and had it pulled into the gallery as well. Then she had enough wood to build her exhibition's display structures and was happy to thus frame her works not just formally but also conceptually.

Special thanks to Annie Shaw, Till Krause, Zach Rockhill and everybody with GFLK.